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Chey is a mother to a 4 year old son and is also a full-time Support Engineer for a tech company. She was born and raised in Seattle and has yet to leave the state of Washington, but she is happy to call it home.

Over a decade ago, she wanted to go to school to become an Esthetician, not knowing that she would actually take the route of creating the skincare products.


It all started when she was pregnant in 2016, she became very concerned with what she was putting on her body as she didn't want to use anything that could harm her baby. The products she had listed ingredients she absolutely had no clue about and could hardly pronounce even if she tried. So, she started making her own. But it didn't become a business idea until she tried a handmade natural bar of soap in New York City early 2019, which from there, she started doing the research and next thing you know, Chey Butter Co. was born!

the start of chey butter co.

Back in February 2019, Chey attempted to make her first batch of soap ever (as shown in the picture to the right) and what a fail it was! Even though she studied and researched day in and day out on butters and oils, ratios and recipes and the whole entire soap-making process, it really took many trials and errors to finally get it down.

Just to give you and idea of failed attempts, Chey didn't officially launch Chey Butter Co. until October 2019, about 8 months later. 

Once Chey felt comfortable with cold-processed bars of soap, she ventured off to whipped body butters, hand salves, lip butters and bath soaks, then much later, beard products and a face oil. 

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